Invest on the Biggest Business- Nature! and save our Rain Forests! Our Planet!

Introduction to Business Plan: Direct Market for immediate scaling/ ROI in 1 year.

Executive Summary:

This business although a reinvented concept  will tackle and solve the global and dire problems on Carbon Overload, Global Warming and Climate Change while at the same time will become the biggest green business success in history!

Almost all global businesses are in new technologies, mostly unsustainable and profit oriented and without social responsibility! This is the problem! Many are misguided that the only way to make money is the unsustainable way! and the only best businesses in the world is technology and now, as the trends suggests, selling and marketing Chinese products… They now control the supply market and its direction – they almost produce everything now! it’s monumental and it is unsustainable!

If you will understand my vision and work with me for the common good and for nature, we will achieve the impossible! We will be re-greening our planet and we will save our Rain Forests! It is not too late, we can still do so much good and correct all our mismanagement and misguided beliefs that our planet can sustain all our destructive practices. We are on the verge of self destruction if we do not act now and repair the damage.

The simple idea of this business concept is to educate, awaken our consciousness, our passion and compassion, to instill and develop humility and oneness, a new age of enlightenment, that we are one people  living in one single planet that needs it’s care and  love…

We are borne out of nature and we are part of nature but we seem to have forgotten that fact. We have detached ourselves from nature that so nourished and nurtured us!  We are destroying our world and leaving nothing for the next future generations, don’t you love and care for your children and your grandchildren and the next future generations that will follow?

Mankind is hanging in a balance and in the point to either oblivion or it’s salvation, we are fighting for mankind’s continued survival! You can still act and do something right by supporting my concept of sustainable business. This is I believe the best and only solution to save our dying planet, believe me, this will be the biggest business in the world that will highly impact and alleviate all of us and the planet as a whole. Let’s begin by understanding my vision…

The Business:

The Largest Insectarium (Insect Zoo-Butterfly Garden) and Insect Museum in the World.

The Problem:

How can this business save our rain forests? And How can this business initiate change and help restore our rain forests to it’s pristine condition?


The mission and vision of this business is – to educate our youth! By awakening their basic love for nature and by connecting our youth to the diversity and wonders of the insect world and nature. We will be  instilling in them their primal oneness and their natural passion and in the process build a spirit of true stewardship. We will be harnessing our next generation that will really take care of our rain forests and our planet as a whole. It is the right time now that we awaken, act and work together…


The Insectarium (Insect Zoo-Butterfly Garden) and Insect Museum that we will build and create will showcase to our youth and to the world the beauty and wonders of the Insect world and Nature in general!  I have seen our youths  passion for these lovely creatures! Nothing can extinguish that natural closeness and oneness of our youth to these enchanting creatures! With social media at our finger tips, we can now easily influence, guide and teach our next generation the right way to look after and take care of our rain forests. We will be organizing our youth through our educational programs on biodiversity using the beauty and diversity of Insects as catalysts to awaken our youths passion and oneness with nature! The knowledge and passion on biodiversity that we will share will open the minds of our youth. Through this medium, we can create an army of global youth leaders on a global movement with one basic goal, to save our rain forests! For the benefit of many future generations….

We will spearhead new and innovative programs like a global tree planting drive with the help of our passion driven youth leaders, with one voice, we can rally our youth to act as one and rejuvenate our rain forests globally.

A substantial portion of revenues from this business can be allocated to support new and innovative/alternative and sustainable livelihoods (producing products from Nature while preserving it)  this way we can control/solve and in the end alleviate poverty and stop the destructive trend of slash and burn farming (the root cause of deforestation) for survival.


The educational field trip market here in our country is  required activity for schools. It is a regular yearly educational activity and is supported by the Department of Education. This requires schools to let students go out and and explore the world.  This multi-$Million market for present market leader in nature education- Ocean Adventure (a sea world type of attraction estimated at $30M a year business)  presents us with a great challenge! I believe we can harmonize this fragmented market and  be the leader in this industry! My vision is a global network of Insectarium/Insect Zoo/Butterfly Garden and Museums in the world that will promote nature education and rain forests rejuvenation. I believe this will be the biggest business on Nature that will generate global support.

This business will create and build a global mission of educating and awakening our youth’s passion and love by organizing and creating a global following that will support our goals! Imagine a network of this business with a great cause in heavily populated cities i.e. China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe, Brazil,  North America etc…These gives us more opportunities than we can ever imagine. we can ally ourselves with all global businesses and influence their policies and attitude towards nature.

Other sources of Revenues..

A portion of the projected multi-$Billion revenues realized from this business can be used to support new business models in vulnerable forests communities and provide alternative livelihoods for people who slash and burn our rain forests (the main cause of rain forests destruction) for their daily living and basically their survival. We will be creating a selling platform for nature products (an type of platform) that will focus on products produced from Nature by rain forests communities thereby alleviating poverty and stopping the destruction of our rain forests. By providing alternative sources of livelihood, we will have solved and alleviated poverty. This model program can be replicated in other vulnerable rain forest areas globally! New innovative   reforestation programs can be developed and introduced that can be harnessed from nature while preserving, protecting and reforesting it.

Needed Investments:  $10,000,000

Our team:

Ismael O. Lumawig: Founder/ Bug’Inc/ Coleoptera/Insects Specialists/Naturalist/Entrepreneur

Elizabeth Heitzmann: Co-Founder/ Pioneer in the Butterfly Garden and Insect Museum Educational Field trip destination/Biologists/Naturalist/Entrepreneur

Contact us for more details:


For further reading and understanding:


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