This is not a new trend! This is our future! Self annihilation or Sustainability?

Web 01, Web 02 and Web 03 is in a hiatus or could probably be on it’s collapse or bubble.. but bubble or not, the trend is really slowing down…

Many Investors believes technology will advance more and explore more niches in the market and make them more money… but as evidenced by the slowdown in the phase of producing new ideas/apps which has virtually flooded the market with new applications that nobody really wants to use anymore. why? simple,  there are just  too many! Economics 101 I think should also apply here, optimism now producing pessimism.. You cannot really be very optimistic all the time. Trends end.. they always will.

The future of business will now focus on Nature!  Why? With all the available technology in the world, nothing can really address the biggest problem we have now -The survival of our planet – our species!

All these new technologies will be useless if we continue to keep a blind eye on the direction of all the worlds’s unsustainable businesses…Mankind have polluted our seas, it is now highly acidic and I highly doubt it if it will be able to continue to sustain life on our planet.  In 50 years, half our regular supply of oxygen will be gone when the basic necessities of sea life like the lowly plankton disappears, causing a chain reaction on sea life and to the food chain…adding more pressure to the projected 9B people who will be fighting for these almost depleted resources.

In 50 years, 7% of our remaining forests will be gone due to so many unsustainable human activities (agriculture, mining, new technologies that uses more resources) cutting again half the supply of oxygen that nature produces for us to breath. Our path is definitely self annihilation!

Unless we make our hands dirty and really work harder together to solve all the environmental damages wrought by mankind unto itself and our planet. I believe we can still reverse this destructive trend if we can start this humble but life saving green endeavor This will be the greatest achievement of our species if we can all work for a solution and return that balance in Nature…

Please help us achieve that balance! You can start by understanding my vision….

comprehensive business plan available on request.




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